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I AM CYRUS Coat of Arms Design

I AM CYRUS Coat of Arms Design

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I AM CYRUS: King of Kings

Embark on a journey through history with the 'I AM CYRUS' Coat of Arms, a splendid tribute to the timeless legacy of Cyrus the Great. This remarkable design encapsulates the essence of a mighty ruler whose name echoes through history.


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At its heart lies a shield, inspired by the shields used during the Achaemenid Empire, adorned with geometric borders and lotus flowers crowned with wings. Within this regal frame, behold the powerful countenance of Cyrus the Great, gazing forward, donned in his iconic star-studded helmet. His visage, depicted with meticulous detail, exudes strength and wisdom. His robe features a striking diamond-shaped collar, adorned with alternating red and white diamonds, a testament to his regal attire.

Draped around his neck is a necklace of lotus flowers, culminating in a grand gold Faravahar pendant, symbolizing his faith and guiding principles.

On either side, Ahriman lions stand as guardians, not of evil, but as protectors of Cyrus's enduring legacy.

The backdrop is a regal cape in deep red and gold, adding an air of royalty to the design. At its pinnacle, you'll find the Tomb of Cyrus, a poignant reminder of his final resting place.

Above the shield, text ribbons proudly proclaim 'I AM' on the right and 'CYRUS' on the left, emphasizing the core message of this design.

The base of the shield features an intricate illustration of Persian columns with horned bulls, the very symbols of Persian strength. Amidst this, you'll spot the celebrated Cylinder of Cyrus, an ancient artifact that bears King Cyrus's decree, promoting religious tolerance and human rights.

On either side of the shield, positioned between it and the majestic winged lions, stand flags bearing the deep red Achaemenid standard with a resplendent Shahbaz at its center.

This design is a masterpiece, capturing the essence of a great king and his indelible mark on history. It's a testament to the enduring spirit of Cyrus the Great and a call to all who embrace it to carry forward his legacy, symbolized by the radiant sun, echoing 'Kourosh' meaning 'Lord of the sun' in Persian.

Did you know? The 'I AM CYRUS' Coat of Arms encapsulates the magnificence of Cyrus the Great, a ruler known for his wisdom, tolerance, and contribution to human rights.

Carry the spirit of Cyrus with you - Get your 'I AM CYRUS' Coat of Arms sticker today and be part of a legacy that shaped civilizations!


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