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Chogān Coat of Arms Design

Chogān Coat of Arms Design

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Chogān: The Majesty of Persian Polo

Behold the grandeur of our Chogān Coat of Arms, a masterpiece celebrating the enduring legacy of Persian Polo. This intricate design weaves together the vibrant colors of Iran - green, white, and red - symbolizing our nation's rich heritage.


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In the heart of the golden shield, you'll find ancient Persian symbols, each a tribute to a great empire. The Shahbaz from the Achaemenid era soars in the green, while the Parthian sun shines brightly in the white, and the Sasanian lotus emblem graces the red.

Flanked by regal polo horses adorned with the iconic green-and-white socks, this design embodies the spirit of the sport. Intricate gold filigree embellishments, reminiscent of Persian craftsmanship, frame the crest, culminating in a half-lotus - a symbol of purity and enlightenment.

Polo sticks, crossed, emerge gracefully behind the crest at the top and bottom, symbolizing the heart of the Chogān sport.

Two Sorna, ancient Iranian woodwind instruments, stand proudly on either side of the lotus, a nod to the musical element that once accompanied Chogān games.

A majestic royal cape in the colors of our flag provides the backdrop, while a crown inspired by the great Kings of Persia, featuring the Persian lion, adorns the pinnacle.

Carry the legacy of Persian Polo with pride, and let the Chogān Coat of Arms be a symbol of your connection to our glorious past.

Did you know? Chogān, the ancient Persian horse-riding game celebrated by this design, was often accompanied by music and storytelling, making it a vibrant and culturally rich pastime.

Own a piece of Persian heritage - Get your Chogān Coat of Arms sticker today and celebrate the enduring legacy of Persian Polo!


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